CS 1010: Introduction to Information Technology

Fall 2018 - CS 1010 Syllabus


Craig Dill email: cd9au@virginia.edu.

Class Meeting Time:

Monday and Wednesday 3:30 to 4:45, Thornton E316.

Office Hours:

Monday and Wednesday 2:00 to 3:00 PM, Rice Hall Room 514. TA office hours Tuesday Thursday 3:30 to 5:30, more to be announced.


No formal prerequisites. Exposure to basic Math classes will help. A computer is needed for the assignments and a laptop may be helpful during lectures. You will install some necessary applications on your computer during the semester.

Course Overview:

The focus of CS 1010 is how computers create, preserve, manipulate and communicate information. This course introduces concepts, processes and tools used in the information technology world. These concepts, processes and tools are organized into five units. Unit1 The Mysterious Black Box, How It Works; Unit2 Web Technologies, Creating Web Pages With Style; Unit3 Think Like A Computer, Algorithms Pseudocode And Logic; Unit4 Programming The Computer; Unit5 Putting Spreadsheets To Work. A continuing theme throughout the course is recognizing computational problems and developing basic skill sets to create computational solutions students might use to solve future problems in the student’s discipline of study. Evaluation of student performance in the class is determined using weekly assignments and two tests. The final exam date is December 15, 2018. Students are encouraged to work and study in groups and collaborate (not on the two tests). You may collaborate on homework assignments to develop understanding and design, however each student is responsible for developing a personal assignment solution. READ HONOR POLICY below!

Learning Outcomes:

Basic understanding of relationships and communications between core computer system and network components. Understanding of the quantification of various media types for computer storage and processing. Working knowledge of HTML5 and CSS to create attractive web pages. Defining, creating and testing algorithms using formalized pseudocode. Implementing algorithms in a modern computer language. Create and process spreadsheet data, lists, tables, charts and predictions.


There is not a required textbook. All course information is provided as lecture slides and examples, assignments are presented as Word documents, all available in Collab for download. Students are strongly encouraged to attend class.

Assignments and Exams:

There is a Final Exam and a Midterm Exam, each contributing 20% to the final grade, for a total of 40% of the final grade. Students must bring their UVA ID to each exam. Students arriving late to an exam will not be admitted to the exam room and will receive an exam score of 0. Any student that misses an exam without a prearranged makeup exam time will receive a score of 0 for the exam.

Final Exam: December 15, 2 to 3:30, regular lecture room. This date and time is scheduled by the Registrar and does not conflict with any other final exam scheduled by the Registrar. If you have another exam scheduled overlapping with this scheduled time for CS 1010, the other exam instructor is not following the directives of the Registrar's Office and the other exam must be rescheduled to resolve the conflict. The School of Engineering does not recognize "three in a row".

60% of the final grade will come from the ten highest scores of twelve homework assignments. Homework assignments are weekly, due each Sunday BEFORE 11:55:00 PM. No late assignments are accepted for any reason and result in a grade of zero. The two lowest assignment grades are omitted from the final grade calculation to compensate for uncontrollable circumstances that might occur during the semester (illness, death in family, computer crashes or no reason at all). You are strongly encouraged to submit every assignment solution. Do not put yourself in the position of choosing not to submit two assignments, then encounter some situation that prevents you from submitting an assignment on time. Two, and only two, assignments will be dropped, and no assignment will be accepted after the assignment due day, hour, minute, second.

Assignment Submission and Regrade Requests:

All assignments will be submitted through Collab. Be sure to verify that your submission is received by Collab. You will receive and email when you have submitted an assignment. Also the assignment list status will say: Submitted (date and time). The assignment must complete submission by the due time. Assignments that complete submission after the due time (Sunday 11:55:00 PM) are not accepted by Collab and receive zero points. Students have one week from the time of assignment grade posting to request an assignment regrade. An assignment regrade request must be emailed to the professor specifically stating how the assignment was incorrectly graded. The regraded assignment score might be higher than, lower than, or the same as, the original assignment score.


The final average/letter grade scale is: A+ 100 – 98, A 97 – 93, A- 92 – 90, B+ 89 – 87, B 86 – 83, B- 82 – 80, C+ 79 – 77, C 76 – 73, C- 72 – 70, D+ 69 – 67, D 66 – 63, D- 62 – 60, F below 60. Final grades are not rounded, 89.9 is 89. All recorded grades will be posted on Collab. Please check the Gradebook for current grades.

Required Software:

Students need Microsoft Office Excel, (Office Suit) available using the Hive - http://its.virginia.edu/hive/), a plain text editor such as Notepad or (properly configured) Text Edit, Firefox web browser, Oracle’s Java SDK and jGRASP integrated Java programming development environment. Installation procedures for these software packages are provided weeks before the software will be used.

Getting Help:

CS 1010 has excellent teaching assistants with scheduled office hours in Rice Hall. CS 1010 staff want all 1010 students to have a successful, pleasant, learning experience. Avoid assignment due date anxiety by starting and completing assignments early. Take advantage of office hours to ask questions, discuss ideas, and receive assignment help. Ask questions during lecture.

Honor Policy:

The University of Virginia Honor Policy is in effect in this class. As a university student in the course you agree to the following principles. • Talking about assignments and projects is permitted, but you must author your own documents, meaning the document you submit for credit is the product of your own understanding, knowledge and skills. • When possible to do so with honor, you will help your fellow classmates learn and improve. • You should get help from classmates and course staff before succumbing to frustration. • You must understand and be able to explain why you answered a question or created a solution the way you did. Given the same question or problem, you should be able to reconstruct your original answer or solution from memory, without outside assistance • When there is doubt regarding the honor of an action, you should ask before you act. • DO NOT COPY! • Unless otherwise noted, individual assignments are pledged that you neither gave nor received unauthorized help. • An academic irregularity on any assignment may result in assignment grade reduction or zero and/or grade penalty, or failure of the course and accusation(s) submitted to the honor committee.

SDAC and Other Special Circumstances:

If you have been identified as an SDAC student, please let the Center know you are taking this class. If you suspect you should be an SDAC student, please schedule an appointment with SDAC for an evaluation. All academic accommodations must be arranged through the SDAC. If you have other special circumstances (athletics, other university-related activities, etc.) please contact the instructor as soon as you know how these affect you in class.