Gamebox Overview

This is a short introduction to get you start and experience with Gamebox. For more information, please refer to


What is PyGame?

  • A library or a set of Python modules designed for writing games. Reference:

What is gamebox?

  • A library or a set of abstract Python modules for building games, written by Professor Luther Tychonievich.

General PyGame program structure

general structure of PyGame progarm

Additional notes

  • Unlike typical programs where you try to avoid an infinite loop, you intentionally make your game run infinitely (until the game is explicitly closed).
  • must be in your project directory.
  • must not be modified.
  • Do not name your program as gamebox or pygame
  • If you use any sounds / images (for your game project), the sound / images files must be in your project directory

  • First game assignment
    • Purpose: practice how to build a simple game
    • Individual assignment

  • Game project
    • Purpose: apply concepts of gaming and Python programming to build a creative and interesting game
    • Team project (2 members)