Fall 2018 — Schedule

Note: AO-Ch x means chapter x in Ammann and Offutt text book
Meet Date Topics and Handouts Readings Assignments Quizzes In-Class Exercises
1 08/28 Class overview (pdf),
Responsibilities (pdf),
Intro to Software Testing (pdf)
Who said ISP can't be fun!
    Activity: check-in
2 08/30 Faults, Errors, and Failures
RIPR model
    in-class 1

More practice: randomizer.java (faulty)
3 09/04 Model Driven Test Design (MDTD) (pdf) AO-Ch2     Activity: MDTD
More practice: MDTD-2
4 09/06 Putting Testing First (pdf) AO-Ch4     Activity: Agile airplane testing
5 09/11 Test Automation (pdf),
Test Automation Framework (JUnit) (pdf)
AO-Ch3 Assignment 1 due Quiz 1 guide JUnit

(require: your laptop with Java and Eclipse/Java IDE)

Activity: Junit
6 09/13 JUnit (pdf) AO-Ch3     in-class 2
(require: JUnit and Eclipse/Java IDE)
7 09/18 Test-Driven Development (TDD) (pdf) (stop at slide 27) Koskela's Test Driven Ch2, Ch3
(This is recommended reading. You don't have to buy the book. Free trial available.)
Assignment 2 due Quiz 2 guide in-class 3
(require: JUnit and Eclipse/Java IDE)
8 09/20 "Quality Everywhere: How quality fits into every step of the software development process" (pdf)

Guest speakers: Corey Vaudo and Conrad Rybka, Applied Predictive Technologies, Inc.
9 09/25 TDD: wrap-up (pdf) (from slide 28)
Coverage-based Test Design (pdf) (stop at slide 25)
Koskela's Test Driven Ch2, Ch3
Assignment 3 due
Model solution (Thanks to Baylor Towne)
Quiz 3 guide Activity: Candy "coverage" testing
Candy testing worksheets
10 09/27 Coverage-based Test Design (pdf) (from slide 26)
Input Space Partition (ISP) Testing (pdf)
AO-Ch6.1     in-class 4
11 10/02 ISP: Coverage Criteria (pdf)
  • All Combination
  • Each Choice
  • Pair-Wise
  • Base Choice
  • Multiple Base Choice
AO-Ch6.2, 6.3

An Industrial Study of Applying Input Space Partitioning to Test Financial Calculation Engines
(This is an example of how the concepts have been applied to industry; recommended reading, it will not be tested)
Assignment 4 due
Model solution (Thanks to Sean Gatewood)
Quiz 4 guide  
12 10/04 ISP: Applying to Web Apps       Selenium
  • Download Selenium Client & WebDriver, for Java (or download selenium-java-3.14.0.zip directly)
  • Download Third Party Browser Drivers (based on the web browser you use)
How do I know if my test environment works? in-class 5
(require: Selenium and Eclipse/Java IDE)
  10/09 Reading Day (No class)
13 10/11 Graph-based Testing (pdf)
Graph: Coverage Criteria
  • Node
  • Edge
  • Edge-Pair
AO-Ch7 Assignment 5 due
Model solution (Thanks to Caleb Kang and Ellis Tsung)
Quiz 5 guide in-class 6
Graph Coverage Web App
14 10/16 Graph: Coverage Criteria (pdf)
  • Complete Path
  • Prime Path
AO-Ch7 Assignment 6 due
Model solutions:
(Thanks to Theresa Mai and Sai Konuri,
Sean Gatewood)
Quiz 6 guide Activity: Complete path and Prime path
15 10/18 Graph: Data Flow Coverage Criteria (pdf)
  • All-Def
  • All-Use
  • All-DU
AO-Ch7     in-class 7

Data flow coverage web app
16 10/23 Graph: Applying to Source Code (pdf) AO-Ch7 Assignment 7 due
Model solution (Thanks to Ryan Ritzo and Kenneth Le)
Quiz 7 guide Activity: Graph coverage for source code
17 10/25 Wrap up: Graph coverage for source code (pdf) (from slide 18)

Graph: Applying to Design (pdf)

Graph coverage for Specification (pdf)
(Recommended reading, it will not be tested)
    in-class 8
18 10/30 Logic-based Testing (pdf)
Logic: Coverage Criteria
  • Predicate
  • Clause
  • Combinatorial
AO-Ch8 Assignment 8 due
Model solutions:
(Thanks to Chaorui Chang,
Pat Wongwiset)
Quiz 8 guide Logic coverage web app

Activity: Logic coverage and determination
19 11/01 Logic: Active Clause Coverage Criteria (ACC) (pdf)
  • GACC
  • CACC
  • RACC
AO-Ch8     Activity: Logic coverage and determination
Algebra Laws

in-class 9
20 11/06 Logic: Inactive Clause Coverage Criteria (ICC) (pdf)
  • GICC
  • RICC
AO-Ch8 Assignment 9 due
Model solution (Thanks to Yuyi Taylor)
Quiz 9 guide  
21 11/08 Logic: Applying to Source Code (pdf) AO-Ch8 Checkpoint 1 due 11/09 by 11:59pm (No late submission, no extension)   in-class 10
22 11/13 Syntax-based Testing AO-Ch9.1   Quiz 10 guide Activity: Grammar-based mutation
23 11/15 Syntax-based Testing AO-Ch9.2 Checkpoint 2 due 11/16 by 11:59pm (No late submission, no extension)   in-class 11
24 11/20 Syntax: More Applying to Source Code (pdf) AO-Ch9.2 Assignment 10 due Quiz 11 guide Activity: Code Defenders
  11/22 Thanksgiving Break (No class)
25 11/27 Syntax: Applying to Input Space AO-Ch9.5 (optional) Assignment 11 due (No late submission, no extension) Quiz 12 guide Code Defenders — celebration

Activity: Input space grammar
26 11/29 Managing the Test Process (pdf) and Writing Test Plans AO-Ch10, 11     Activity: Input space grammar for XML

in-class 12
27 12/04 Usability testing (pdf)       Activity: Develop usability testing plan
28 12/06 Course Wrap Up and Final Review   Showcase due 12/06   12/07 by 11:59pm (No late submission, no extension)    
FE 12/11 Final Exam: Tuesday, 11-December-2018, 2:00pm - 5:00pm, Thornton Hall E303 MEC 205
(please refer to the university final exam schedule)