VLSI CAD Research Group

Department of Computer Science
School of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Virginia


  1. Mike Alexander (graduated 8/1996, then professor at Washington State University)

  2. Tim Barrera (graduated 5/1993)

  3. Doug Bateman (graduated 5/1998)

  4. Susan Bibeault (graduated 6/2000)

  5. Doug Blair (graduated 12/2000, then co-founded Parabon, Inc.)

  6. Leonid Bolotnyy (graduated 12/2007)

  7. Kirti Chawla (2007 to present)

  8. Subhadeep Chatterjee (2007 to present)

  9. Brett Coryell (graduated 5/1995, then Director of Technology at The Hill school, PA)

  10. Erik Cota-Robles (graduated 1/1995, then CAD engineer at Intel)

  11. Jeff Griffith (graduated 12/1992, then a Ph.D. student at the University of Tennessee)

  12. Daniel Haspel (graduated 5/2003)

  13. Chris Helvig (graduated 5/1998, then a computer game developer at Volition, Inc.)

  14. Todd Hodes (graduated 6/1994, then a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley)

  15. Bill Huang (graduated 12/2000, now a software engineer at Microsoft)

  16. Ankit Malhotra (graduated 9/2005, then a Ph.D. student in bioinformatics)

  17. Berni McCoy (graduated 12/1993, then a software engineer at Numega, MA)

  18. Jennifer Mifflin (graduated 5/2002, then a software engineer)

  19. Ed Peters (graduated 5/1996)

  20. Brian Robinson (graduated 12/1994, then a software engineer at AMS, Washington D.C.)

  21. Anish Singh (graduated 12/1998, then developer at Hughes Network Systems)

  22. Brian Street (graduated 5/2003, then a Ph.D. student in Mathematics at Princeton)

  23. Chris Taylor (graduated 4/16/2008, then a tenure-track professor at the University of New Orleans)

  24. Jason Watson (Chief Technology Officer at M-CAM)

  25. Alexander Zelikovsky (postdoc 11/1995-9/1997, now a tenured professor at Georgia State University)

  26. Tongtong Zhang (graduated 12/1998), then researcher at Merck Research Labs

  27. Jared Colflesh (graduated 1995)

  28. Joe Ganley (graduated 5/95, now at Cadence Design Systems)

  29. John Karro

  30. Jim Varanelli (graduated 1995)

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