University of Virginia Department of
    Computer Science
The Computer Science web site was originally designed and implemented in 1994 by Professor Gabriel Robins, who founded the Computer Science Web Team and directed it from 1994-2001 and 2005-present.

Current members of the Computer Science Web Team:

Gabriel Robins (Faculty Director)
Liuyi(Eric) Zhang

Most of the photographs on the CS Web site were taken by Greg Humphreys and Alice Jackson.


Other people who have helped in the past include:

Tarek Abdelzaher
Nadim Barsoum
John Baxton
Lenny Bromberg
Curtis Buyrn
Joseph Calandrino
Sing Chen
Jason Cline
Sam Cooke
Brett Coryell
Jason Csomay
Frank DeRosa
Tom Doran
David Evans
Wendy (YiJun) Fan
Wes Ferrebee
Jake Ferry
Kevin Finn
Paul Geary
William Halfond
Pitchaya Sitthi-Amorn
Chris Hayden
Meeky Hwang
Paco Hope
Dan Ignat
Fred Jones
Philo Juang
Dan Kaattari
Kristina Killgrove
Joonsoo Kim
Shuichi Koga
Ray Lubinsky
Doug Madory
Beth Mallory
Daryoush Mansouri
Gavin Milner
Tuan Nguyen
Vincent Noël
Cynthia Peng
Ed Peters
Hien Phan
Harsh Prakash
Peggy Reed
Patrick Reynolds
Scott Renna
Doug Ross
Jason Rudolph
Robert Shields
Mark Smith
Mark Stankovic
Jonathan Soma
Adam Spanberger
Andrew Sugermeyer
Jason Thompson
Justin Turner
Philip Varner
John Viega
Charles Viles
Lim Vu
Scott Witherell
Chalermpong Worawannotai
David Zimmerman

The Web Team's portfolio includes:

HelpNet was created by Kevin Sullivan and the 1996 incoming graduate class.

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