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Colloquia Update

Enter New Colloquia

Before entering new colloquia, you need to have an authorized account with webteam. To enter new colloquia, go to If this is your first visit or that you have not been visiting for a while, you will need to supply a valid username and password. Otherwise, the website will check whether you have a valid cookie in your system. After the cookie has been authenticated, you will be directed to the colloquia update interface.

There are two types of users: administrator and regular user. An administrator has the permission to add new user or enter new colloquia. A regular user only has the permission to enter new colloquia. When entering new colloquia, users need to first select which type of colloquia you are entering, such as a seminar, PhD defense, PhD proposal, MS project, MS thesis, faculty candidate, or an event. By selecting the type of the colloquia, you will be directed to a form where all colloquia-related information will be entered. After entering all necessary information and click on submit, individual HTML will be generated for the colloquia. Users will see a message that indicates that HTML pages are being generated and then the page will take users back to the homepage of colloquia updates.

Users can click on logout option anytime to end the session. Logout deletes the cookie, which will be useful if user is working on a public workstation.

Add New User

An administrator has the rights to add new users. The administrator needs to supply a valid email address of the new user and select the type of the user: administrator or regular user. By doing so, the new user will receive an email with a one-time use link to register his/her own account for colloquia update. The one-time use link reduces the risk of unauthorized registration.

Forget/Reset Password

When a user forgets his/her passwords, he/she may supply a valid username or email and request to reset the password. After the request, a one-time use link will be sent to the user that allows him/her to reset the password.

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