Reading List, CS 851, Spring 2000

Suggested Reading List

Part I: Servers, OS, and Protocols

Week of 1/24:

Load Characterization: (Prereqs - probability theory, Poisson distribution)
Related Readings on Self-Similarity and Fractals: Lecture of 2/1:

Synthetic Web Traffic Generation: Lectures of 2/3 and 2/8:

Protocol Issues: (Prereqs - TCP state machine, HTTP 1.0) Lecture of 2/10:

Performance Issues: (Prereqs - socket programming) Week of 2/14:

Operating Systems Issues: Lecture of 2/22:

Connection Scheduling: Lecture of 2/24 and 2/29:

Web QoS and Differentiated Services: Lecture of 3/2 and Week of 3/6:

Distributed Load Sharing: Week of 3/13: Spring Break

Lecture of 3/21: Project Progress Presentations

Part II: Web Caching

Lecture of 3/23 and Week of 3/27

Cache Performance Characterization: Week of 4/3:

Replacement Policies: Week of 4/10:

Intercache Protocols and Consistency: Week of 4/17:

Active Caching and Caching Dynamic Content Week of 4/24: Final Project Presentations

For a tar file of all papers click here.