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     PLOSA 2009

Fourteenth International Conference on
 Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems
 (ASPLOS '09)

Technical Program

(All technical sessions will be in the Sphinx room)

Sunday, March 8, 2009
7:00-9:00pm Opening Reception and Poster Session (Supported by Google and VMware)
Monday, March 9, 2009
7:30-8:45am Continental Breakfast
8:45-9:00am Opening Remarks
General Chair:  Mary Lou Soffa, Univ. of Virginia, USA
Program Chair:  Mary Jane Irwin, Penn State Univ., USA
9:00-10:00am Keynote: Saving the Planet with Systems Research
Luiz Andre Barroso, Google, USA
10:00-10:30am Morning Break
10:30-11:30am Session 1: Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead (Session Chair: Norm Jouppi, HP)
An Evaluation of the TRIPS Computer System
  Mark Gebhart, Bertrand Maher, Katherine Coons, Jeff Diamond, Paul Gratz, Mario Marino, Nitya Ranganathan, Behnam Robatmili, Aaron Smith, James Burrill, Stephen Keckler, Doug Burger, Kathryn McKinley, Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA
Architectural Implications of Nanoscale Integrated Sensing and Computing
Constantin Pistol, Christopher Dwyer, Alvin Lebeck, Duke Univ., USA
11:30am-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-3:00pm Session 2: Reliable Systems I (Session Chair: Hillery Hunter, IBM)
CTrigger: Exposing Atomicity Violation Bugs from Their Hiding Places
Soyeon Park, Shan Lu, Yuanyuan Zhou, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA
ASSURE: Automatic Software Self-healing Using REscue points
  Stelios Sidiroglou, Oren Laadan, Carlos Perez, Nicolas Viennot, Jason Nieh, Angelos Keromytis, Columbia Univ., USA
Recovery Domains: An Organizing Principle for Recoverable Operating Systems
Andrew Lenharth, Vikram Adve, Samuel King, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA
  Anomaly-Based Bug Prediction, Isolation, and Validation: An Automated Approach for Software Debugging
Martin Dimitrov, Huiyang Zhou, Univ. Central Florida, USA
3:00-3:30pm Afternoon Break
3:30-5:00pm Session 3: Deterministic Multiprocessing (Session Chair: Alvin Lebeck, Duke Univ.)
Capo: A Software-Hardware Interface for Practical Deterministic Multiprocessor Replay
Pablo Montesinos, Matthew Hicks, Samuel King, Josep Torrellas, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA
DMP: Deterministic Shared Memory Multiprocessing
Joseph Devietti, Brandon Lucia, Luis Ceze, Mark Oskin, Univ. Washington, USA
Kendo:  Efficient Determistic Multithreading in Software
Marek Olszewski, Jason Ansel, Saman Amarasinghe, MIT, USA
5:30-7:00pm Wild and Crazy Session (Session Chair: Seth Goldstein, Carnegie Mellon Univ.) (Partially supported by Nokia)
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
7:30-8:30am Continental Breakfast
8:30-10:00am Session 4: Prediction and Accounting (Session Chair: Sasha Fedorova, Simon Fraser Univ.)
Complete Information Flow Tracking from the Gates Up
  Mohit Tiwari, Hassan Wassel, Bita Mazloom, Shashidhar Mysore, Frederic Chong, Timothy Sherwood, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara, USA
RapidMRC: Approximating L2 Miss Rate Curves on Commodity Systems for Online Optimizations
David Tam, Reza Azimi, Livio Soares, Michael Stumm, Univ. of Toronto, Canada
Per-Thread Cycle Accounting in SMT Processors
Stijn Eyerman, Lieven Eeckhout, Ghent Univ., Belgium
10:00-10:30am Morning Break
10:30-11:30am Session 5: Transactional Memories (Session Chair: Jim Goodman, Univ. Auckland)
Maximal Benefit from a Minimal HTM
Owen Hofmann, Christopher Rossbach, Emmett Witchel, Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA
Early Experience with a Commercial Hardware Transactional Memory Implementation
Dave Dice, Yossi Lev, Mark Moir, Dan Nussbaum, Sun Microsystems Labs, USA
11:30-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-2:30pm Session 6: Reliable Systems II  (Session Chair: Michael Franz, Univ. California, Irvine)
Mixed-Mode Multicore Reliability
  Philip Wells, Google, USA, Koushik Chakraborty, Utah State Univ., USA, Guri Sohi, Univ. Wisconsin, Madison, USA
ISOLATOR: Dynamically Ensuring Isolator in Concurrent Programs
  Sriram Rajamani, Ganesan Ramalingam, Venkatesh Ranganath, Kapil Vaswani, Microsoft Research, Bangalore, India
Efficient Online Validation with Delta Execution
Joseph Tucek, Weiwei Xiong, Yuanyuan Zhou, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA
2:30-4:00pm Session 7: Power and Storage in Enterprise Systems (Session Chair: Sudhanva Gurumurthi, Univ. of Virginia)
PowerNap: Eliminating Server Idle Power
  David Meisner, Univ. of Michigan, USA, Brian Gold, Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA, Thomas Wenisch, Univ. of Michigan, USA
Gordon: Using Flash Memory to Build Fast, Power-efficient Clusters for Data-intensive Applications
Adrian Caulfield, Laura Grupp, Steven Swanson, Univ. of California, San Diego, USA
  DFTL: A Flash Translation Layer Employing Demand-based Selective Caching of Page-level Address Mappings
Aayush Gupta, Youngjae Kim, Bhuvan Urgaonkar, Penn State Univ., USA
4:00-4:30pm Afternoon Break
4:30-6:00pm Session 8: Potpourri (Session Chair: Luiz Ceze, Univ. of Washington)
  Commutativity Analysis for Software Parallelization: Letting Program Transformations See the Big Picture
Farhana Aleen, Nathan Clark, Georgia Tech, USA
Accelerating Critical Section Execution with Asymmetric Multi-core Architectures 
  Aater Suleman,  Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA, Onur Mutlu, Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA, Moinuddin Qureshi, IBM Research, USA, Yale Patt, Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA
Producing Wrong Data Without Doing Anything Obviously Wrong!
  Todd Mytkowicz, Amer Diwan, Univ. of Colorado, USA, Matthias Hauswirth, Univ. of Lugano, Switzerland, Peter Sweeney, IBM Research, USA
6:30pm Conference Banquet at the Spy Museum (Supported by Google and VMware)
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
7:30-8:30am Continental Breakfast
8:30-10:00am Session 9: Managed Systems (Session Chair: Bhuvan Urgaonkar, Penn State Univ.)
Leak Pruning
Michael Bond, Kathryn McKinley, Univ. Texas at Austin, USA
Dynamic Prediction of Collection Yield for Managed Runtimes
Michal Wegiel, Chandra Krintz, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara, USA
  TwinDrivers: Semi-Automatic Derivation of Fast and Safe Hypervisor Network Drivers from Guest OS Drivers
Aravind Menon, Simon Schubert, Willy Zwaenepoel, EPFL, Switzerland
10:00-10:30am Morning Break
10:30-noon Session 10: Architectures (Session Chair: Mary Jane Irwin, Penn State Univ.)
Phantom-BTB: A Virtualized Branch Target Buffer Design
Ioana Burcea, Andreas Moshovos, Univ. of Toronto, Canada
StreamRay: A Stream Filtering Architecture for Coherent Ray Tracing
  Karthik Ramani, Univ. of Utah, USA, Christiaan Gribble, Grove City College, USA, Al Davis, Univ. of Utah, USA
  Architectural Support for SIMD Text Processing with Parallel Bit Streams: The Inductive Doubling Principle
Robert Cameron, Dan Lin, Simon Fraser Univ., Canada

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