University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS200: Computer Science, Spring 2004

Notes: Monday 9 February 2004

Exam 1

Exam 1 will be handed out on Friday, 20 February and due on Monday 23 February. There will not be a time limit, but for a well-prepared student it should only take a couple hours. It will be open book and open notes.

Exams from Spring 2003 and Spring 2003 are attached. Your Exam 1 will be quite similar in format and content (but of course, the questions will be different!). The first exam was a bit later in the semester those year and covered some material on measuring work which will not be covered in your Exam 1. You should be able to answer all questions on the exams except: Spring 2003, Question 7; Spring 2003, Question 10; Spring 2002, Question 7.

The insertlg procedure mentioned in Spring 2002 Question 6 is similar to the insertl procedure you have seen:

(define (insertlg f lst start)
  (if (null? lst) 
      (f (car lst) (insertlg f (cdr lst) start))))
You are encouraged to try and solve all the other problems on your own, and then to discuss them with your classmates. After that, you should look at the comments from the exams posted at

The exam will cover all material in the course through Class 13 (February 16). All main concepts covered by the exam were introduced by Class 7, Classes 8-13 just provide more examples using those concepts. Class 14 (February 18) will be a review session (conducted by the ACs). On Friday the 20th, you will have an opportunity to ask any lingering questions, and then pick up your exam. Although the exam may ask questions about anything you have seen in the readings, lectures and problem sets, students who deeply understand the material covered on the problems sets and the notes handouts will do well on the exam.
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