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Installing and Using ESC/Java

This document explains how to run ESC/Java on your home PC. Recall that we encourage students to work in lab though, and benefit from the available help there.

Go to the ESC/Java website http://research.compaq.com/SRC/esc/download.html and download the appropriate files for your operating system. Place them all in the same folder. (The path for this folder will be termed as root. For this example, we placed my folder in the c: drive and called it escjavawin so root is c:/escjavawin.)

Some operating systems require you to download two files. You can consult the website for further detail in the installation process.


Installation of the Java Compiler and Virtual Machine

Download the Java SDK C from Sun's Download Site (http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4/download.html)

Click on "Download" under SDK on the "Windows (all languages, including English)" line.

Following the installation wizard and take note where you place the JDK (the program that you are currently installing) this will be your root for the JDK.

Installation and Set-Up of ESC/Java

Double click on the self-extracting file (escjava-X.Y.Z-win.exe). Place in the folder that you will designate for ESC/Java.

Now that ESC/Java is installed on your computer, you need to make several changes to the batch file (escjava.bat). Open this file with notepad. It can be found in the ESC/Java “bin” folder.

Double click on the self extraction file (escjava-specs-X.Y.Z-win.exe). Make sure it goes in root.

Running ESC/Java

Open your command prompt window (by running cmd).

You need to first set the path. In the command prompt window type and press enter:

set PATH=c:\root\bin; c:\JDKroot\bin

To check if you have typed in the path correct type PATH and press enter. You can use the Control Panel | System to set the path permanently. (In Windows 2000, you do this by selecting the Advanced tab, and then Environment Variables.... Edit the PATH environment variable.

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