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CS201J - Annotations Evaluation

The goal of this exercise is to evaluate the static checking methodology used in this class. We are also evaluating a tool that has been developed to automatically add ESC/Java annotations to Java programs. The tool is able to correctly determine many annotations, but sometimes it will insert an incorrect annoation and it will sometimes miss necessary annotations. In this experiment, you will take two Java classes that have been automatically annotated, and correct the annotations. Some of the annotations are wrong and will need to be removed or changed; some annotations are missing and will need to be added.

Please work alone. You should spend no more than 1 hour on it; once you have spent an hour (or gotten frustrated), feel free to quit and submit what you have then.

Thank you for doing this experiment.

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Credits: This experiment was developed by Mike Ernst, Jeremey Nimmer and Ben Morse at MIT; and Joel Winstead and David Evans at UVa.

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