University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS201J: Engineering Software, Fall 2002

Notes: Thursday Halloween 2002

Null Pointer Dereferences

What can happen if a C program dereferences a null pointer?

How can we detect and avoid null pointer dereferences?

Memory Management in C

What happens if a program does not release the memory it allocates?

How can programmers document assumptions about memory management?

Malloc and Free

/*@only@*/ /*@null@*/ void * malloc(size_t bytes);
void free(/*@only@*/ void * ptr);
Species Constructor
/*@only@*/ Species Species_new (/*@only@*/ char *name,
                                /*@only@*/ char *genome) {
  Species s = (Species) malloc (sizeof (*s));
  if (s == NULL) {
    fprintf (stderr, "Out of memory in Species_new.\n");

  s->name = name;
  s->genome = genome;
  return s;

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CS 201J: Engineering Software
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