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ESC/Java Plugin for Eclipse


The purpose of this Eclipse plugin is to allow HP Research's ESC/Java static analysis tool to be run from within Eclipse and to display its results in a user-friendly manner. The plugin was designed originally for the University of Virginia's CS 201J software engineering course but should have other uses.


ESC/Java plugin version 0.1.2


Download the plugin and unzip it in the "plugins" directory located in your Eclipse installation. Then start up Eclipse, and enter the path to your ESC/Java executable or batch file in the plugin's preferences window, located by clicking on Window | Preferences | ESC/Java Preferences within Eclipse. Then in each project in which you want to use Eclipse, click on Project | Preferences | ESC/Java and activate the "Enable ESC/Java" checkbox. ESC/Java will then run on your project's files every time they are compiled (for instance, when you save the file, if compile-on-save is activated). A short version of the ESC/Java results is shown in the "Problems View" alongside compiler errors. To see a more complete view of the ESC/Java results, click on Window | Show View | Other and then click on "ESC/Java Result View". The messages will be shown in the ESC/Java Result View, which may occasionally need to be refreshed by clicking on its refresh button.

For directions on installing ESC/Java, see http://www.cs.virginia.edu/cs201j/escjava.html. Keep in mind that ESC/Java version 1.2.4 needs a copy of JDK 1.3.1's rt.jar file to run. This plugin has not been tested with ESC/Java version 2 (not from HP Research), which unlike HP's version is being actively developed.


Here's the plugin in action showing a possible division by zero warning message reported by ESC/Java:


This software is licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL) version 1.1. It is based substantially on the Checkclipse plugin written by Marco van Meegen.


Please contact Michael Peck at mpeck@alumni.virginia.edu with any questions.

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