University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS588: Cryptography, Spring 2005

Registration Survey Answers

  1. Name you want me to call you?
    Alex, Andrew, Aprotim (awe-pro-tim), Boyd, Carolyn, Cesar, David, Erik, Karsten, Keith, Lincoln, Matthew, Miruna (me-roo-nah), Nathan, Nicholas, Ori, Shanif (Shuh-neef), Soma, Steve
  2. Major:
    Cognitive Science — 1
    Computer Science — 13
    Computer Engineering — 2
    Economics — 1 (and Computer Science)
    Math — 1
  3. Year:
    Third Year — 6
    Fourth Year — 10
    2005 — 1
    Gradudate Student — 1
  4. Why are you taking this class?
    1. interrested in security in general 2. hope to get a good foundation for cryptology issues in my project (hypercast)

    1. To solve fun and challenging (but not impossible) puzzles. 2. To have some insight on online security and to be able to protect myself from many crackers.

    Cryptology is my favorite part of computer science and a possible thesis topic for me.

    Cryptology is the underlying security mechanism behind most of the worlds secrets. Since I intend to pursue a field in computer security it is essential that I understand it and all related subjects.

    Cryptology seems like a very interesting subject that I would like to know more about.

    Currently it seems like an interesting CS elective.

    General interest in cryptography

    I enjoy computer science electives.

    I like the mathematical and puzzle-solving aspects of the class.

    I like to solve puzzles

    I think it's the coolest CS elective offered. Also I heard you are a great teacher.

    I'm taking this class out of interest and its vital importance in today's world.

    Interesting topic. Want to know how to protect in the future

    I've been interested in crypto for a while, the class was at a convenient time.

    Personal interest.

    The Singh book piqued my interest and it's a generally very interesting topic.

    Virus protection, spyware and information security fascinate me, but I do not know much about those topics. I hope to learn about them in this course,even if they are only touched on in lectures. I also like linguistics,and I think cryptography is a form of a language.

  5. Are there any particular topics you hope this course will cover?
    Anything really...

    Besides the fundamentals and theory perhaps we can cover the latest problems in cryptology.

    cryptoanalysis capabilities of governments (are they spying?)

    I don't know very much about cryptology, so I'm just hoping to learn as much as I can.

    I hope this course will cover cryptography, cryptology and cryptanalysis

    Implementation of asymetric cryptology on ressource-constraint hardware (embedded)

    Information security, network security, viruses spyware and things we can do to protect our computers from them

    Internet cryptography/security methods.

    Just an overall theoretical understanding of crypto


    Not particularly.

    What is being currently researched about cryptology.

  6. What was the coolest thing you learned last semester?
    Apect Oriented Programming (and other post-OOP methodologies) in Sullivan's AOP seminar

    How to design a computer security sandbox

    Neural networks in AI.

    Graph theory


    Smell can evoke memories because it is the only sense that sends signals directly to the Limbic System in the brain. The Limbic System is responsible among other things

    hmm.... I learned there was a huge molasses explosion at the Boston harbor in the early 20th century.... not really all that cool i guess because a lot of people died but still pretty interesting.

    In different countries the people in a meeting orient themselves differently at the table according to their position at the meeting. Each country has its own unique seating patterns at a board meeting.

    The purpose of Stonehenge.


    i've been sitting here for like five minutes trying to think of something. perhaps that aristotle (or perhaps plato) hates bands that sell out.

    I learned how to make CG movies.

    Dynamic programming, divide and conquer, greedy algorithms (most the stuff from Algorithms)

    In CS230 I learned how boolean algebra can be used to design and build circuits.

    Operating System functions

    How google is setup

  7. What programming languages do you know?
    More than I'd care to enumerate? C/C++, Java, Objective C, Perl, Ruby, Python, Lisp, Ocaml, others
    C, C++, Javascript, VBScript, x86, PHP, QBASIC, MIPS
    I've tried lots at least once but Lisp and C are my favorites.
    C++, Java, HTML
    c, C++, C#, Java, Ada, Perl, PHP, Javascript, VBScript
    C++, but I haven't programmed in a LONG time so I'm really rusty.
    C++, C#, Java
    C, C++
    C++, Java, Javascript, HTML
    C/C++, Perl, Java, PHP, VHDL
    c++, ASP, PHP, Javascript, some others
    C, C++, Java, Perl, Scheme
    Scheme, Java
    C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, VB
    C/C++, some Java, minor C#, perl, others

  8. When do you prefer to have the midterm?
    March 3 — 12
    March 15 — 3
    March 17 — 2
    March 22 — 1

  9. Have you ever broken into a computer system?
    No — 13 Yes — 5

  10. What is your favorite creative work (book, movie, song, etc.) about computer security or cryptography?
    A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory by Joseph H. Silverman.


    Cuckoo's Egg was cool.

    Cuckoo's Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage" by Clifford Stoll"

    For the simple reason that I can't come up with any other creative work dealing with computer security or cryptography

    I suppose the Singh book?

    Movie: Hackers

    N/A I've heard Hackers is good

    None at the moment.

    None come to mind

    Office Space

    Sneakers, Wargames

    The Blue Nowhere

    The book Takedown.

    The Decss Descramble Song by Joe Wecker (


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