This page does not represent the most current semester of this course; it is present merely as an archive.

Professor offices hours are in the professor’s office. If I’m engaged with a student, don’t just wait silently in the hall; ask me if you can come in and join the other student(s) there (often the answer will be yes, and even if no I’ll know you are waiting).

How to get help from a professor

  1. Find when a professor is free
  2. Go to that professor’s office
  3. Come inside, or if it is full make sure the professor knows you are there and are waiting

TA office hours are in different locations at different times, as noted in the list of upcoming office hours below.

How to get help from a TA

  1. Find when and where TAs are holding office hours
  2. Go to that location
  3. Look for a sign on a table or other indicator of CS 2102 TA
  4. Approach the TA and ask for help

Upcoming office hours (for the next week):

Day Whom Where Starts Ends