Luther's Second and Third Postulates
© 20 Sep 2011 Luther Tychonievich
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Programming Languages are Antiquated. The Compilation Pipeline is Harmful.


The first computers were people. The first mechanized computers were programmed when they were designed. Then came reconfigurable computer programmed by moving wires. Universal computers came along that accepted programs in binary. Binary was abstracted into text: first with assembly, then programming languages. And that’s where things stopped. It’s time to get the ball rolling again.

I have two write-ups of these ideas in some detail but have decided not to post them until I have a chance to explore their potential for technical publication. My apologies for this content-free posting; crafting the write-ups took all my blogging time.

As an apology, please accept this poem:

The socks we wear absorb the sweat
That otherwise make feet so wet
That when a fungal spore we meet
It gladly makes its home our feet.
So wear your socks! Let fungal spores
Continue on their house-hunt tours.
They may be ugly things to see,
But socks are good for you and me.

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