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A few bits of pseudo-code.


Sometimes I pause and ponder how many different ways there are to write programs. They really are different languages. There’s the c-like languages:

if( this.understood ) {
} else {
  you.learn( cLikeLanguages );

and the *nix tools

echo ’abc dbe’ | tr ’ecadb’ ’bdgjo’ | sed ’s/o/oo/’

and the lisp dialects

(define learn
(lambda (n)
(letrec ((inner
(lambda (known needed)
(if (> known needed)
(inner (+ known 1)
(inner 0 n))))

not to mention the more esoteric choices like prolog and coq

What is it about humans that drives us to uniqueness? The languages can all express the same things; why have so many ways to say things?

Even more curiously, why do I feel an urge to learn them all?

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