A Week of Gratitude
© 24 Nov 2011 Luther Tychonievich
Licensed under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
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This piece of eternity.


I am grateful for the faith, instruction, and divine guidance that allows me to live each day as an infinitesimal portion of eternity and not only as a day in a mortal life. To know that I lived before mortality, that I agreed to the veil of forgetfulness that is birth, and that I shall exist, for good or ill, long after I “‍shuffle off this mortal coil‍” as Hamlet put it.

Of all of the myriad things for which I am grateful, this truth and my understanding of it are both the largest and the hardest to describe. The various grumbles and pains of life become quite harmless when seen through the lens of eternity. The correct decision at each crossroads becomes either immaterial or obvious when considered in divine light.

I suppose I could function fairly well without eternity. I’m reasonable adept at recognizing and seeking out happiness, and expect I could do fairly well for myself were I working for myself. But what would be the point? Far better the glory of working for Glory than the smiles of working for smiles.

I am grateful that God designed a world in which we all live and grow. I am also grateful he bothered to tell us that’s what he was doing. I suppose I could learn quite nearly as much to from this mortal experience without the knowledge that it is, indeed, a mortal experience and not full and complete a mortal life. But God very nicely mentioned to us that this is what mortality is, a service I am very glad to receive. In addition to the daily direction alluded to above, this knowledge also adds the incomparable feelings of awe and reverence to my life.

I am very glad I know God and His plan for me. I could live without this knowledge (and probably still satisfy the plan), but I am very glad I don’t need to.

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