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Generating nonsense from the Arabian Nights


Project Gutenberg makes available, among other texts, The Arabian Nights Entertainments Complete translated by Dr. Jonathan Scott in 1811. If you start reading this text and after each word jump randomly within the text to any other location where the three words you just read can be found, you end up with something like this:

This text is static; if you enable javascript you can see new text each time you load the page instead. As soon as Behram was got out to sea, we were exposed to the air, soared aloft, and were soon far from the bath, passed by the shop, saluted the old woman applied her remedy; I came to forget it. But it is some relief to my affliction, that as far as she could guess, also of its beauty, water, and lustre, and particularly of the kingdom and people of the city. We made our ablutions, and conversed awhile upon various subjects; after which my gentle host went to his wife’s chamber. Bacbouc continued there for some time. While I was absent, a sandman, who sells scouring earth for the hair and body, which women use in the baths, passed through our street, and called, "Cleansing, ho!" My wife, who wanted some, beckoned to him: but as she knew Ali Baba’s poverty, she was curious to know how their brother did. The princess readily complied, and seeing the elephants gone, I got up, and walked among the trees, but not without a great deal more." "If no one offers more, I will be grateful." "My son," replied the surgeon, "that I wish to examine humpback a little nearer." He approached him, and having tied the sleeve of his gown to his belt, answered, "Here am I, ready to obey thy commands."

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