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Where I am and where I’m going with this blog; comments, tags, etc.


A couple of recent emails I have received have pointed out that I do not have comments enabled on my blog. This is (at time of writing) true.Comments added 8 August 2011 And largely for aesthetic reasons; I cannot decide how I want to present the comments. I am moving toward a conclusion, I think, and will likely add comments in the next few weeks, but for now you are welcome to email me.

This is an opportune moment to note a principle that many people seem not to know. If you find a web page whose URL looks like “‍‍” then you can almost always contact the page’s owner by emailing “‍word@site.ending‍”.

I also expect, at some point, to add to this blog something along the lines of a tag cloud or thread list. This has been delayed not because I don’t know how to present it but because I haven’t decided how I want to implement it. Thus, it will likely be a bit longer in coming.Tags added 22 August 2011

Why did I start a blog before it was ready? Well, at first I didn’t. You’ll notice the long break between post 1 and post 2; this is because I had expected my second post to be a “‍and here’s how this works‍” post about the blog itself. Eventually I decided to start writing content anyway, and here we are.

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