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“What should I do with my life?” (15 Sep 2014): My two bits on the challenge of chosing a major and a career.

Majority Error (7 Apr 2014): The Foolishness of the Masses.

Meaningful In Context (7 Aug 2013): In the classroom, choices are meaningful but their impact contained.

Robust System Paradox (6 Aug 2013): Unnecessary ≠ Unimportant.

Dinner Parties, Agency, and God (5 Aug 2013): What planning dinner parties and studying engineering taught me about deity.

Of Models and Art (25 Apr 2013): Selecting the right subset of characteristics.

Computers are Poor Students (5 Mar 2013): Why I am bored by “Machine Learning” (and statistics).

Good people, better examples (27 Feb 2013): Reflections on one of my parents’ greatest virtues.

Luther's Fourth Postulate (20 Feb 2013): File formats control your mind via data’s influence on tools, with consequent thoughts on bearing testimony.

Seen but not True (7 Jan 2013): On faith, knowledge, and evidence.

Christ the Receiver (18 Dec 2012): How does Christ receive the gifts we give him?

Christ the Giver (17 Dec 2012): What message is conveyed in Jesus Christ’s gifts to us?

Future History (14 November 2012): Thoughts on learning from scriptural prophesy.

Mormonism in Seven Minutes (29 Oct 2012): Transcript of a talk I presented at an academic panel on Mormonism.

Human Error (10 Oct 2012): How should you react to unpleasantness?

Aspiring to Plinthhood (19 September 2012): A beautiful word, an important function.

Snapshots of the Mind (17 September 2012): Personality, IQ, fatalism, and growth.

Second Offense (10 September 2012): The discipline required for peace to exist.

Accepting Gratitude (29 Aug 2012): The least common form of politeness.

Listening to your Soul (14 Aug 2012): Faith and desiring to desire.

Proactive Hope (30 Jul 2012): I asked Ellie Walker what faith is; she replied “proactive hope.”

Take and Have (16 Jul 2012): The subtle implication of invisible words.

Real People (11 Jul 2012): “It is difficult to write about a real person.” — T. H. White

What Beholdest Thou? (14 May 2012): On perspective and matters of eternity.

Different Underneath (3 May 2012): Processes that look the same for different reasons.

Because of thy faith (23 Apr 2012): Thoughts on Enos and answered prayer.

It's all a game (16 Apr 2012): When you get far enough into anything, everyone is flying by the seat of their pants. I think.

The Math Analogy (29 Mar 2012): Nature doesn’t even know about mathematics.

Shall (27 Mar 2012): How changing language can make understanding hard.

Academic Publications (19 Mar 2012): In academic publications, cui bono?

Behold (6 Mar 2012): The most-repeated commandment.

Righteousness and Similarity (15 Feb 2012): Perfect ≠ identical, but righteous ~ righteous.

Too much fudge (6 Feb 2012): Speculations on the trustworth of common knowledge.

John 14:15 (30 Jan 2012): If ye love me, keep my commandments.

“Say Grace” (24 Jan 2012): Whence the habit of praying before meals?

John 14:15 (30 Jan 2012): If ye love me, keep my commandments.

Divine Visions (16 Jan 2012): Are visions interactive?

Specializaton (12 Jan 2012): To specialize or not to specialize?

Rites (5 Jan 2012): Thoughts on rites in general.

Judgment (19 Dec 2011): Hidden skeletons and uncut jewels.

Not Rememberable (12 Dec 2011): A postulate that some things are beyond our memory apparatus’s capabilities.

Un-Asked Questions (6 Dec 2011): Killing the conversation by assuming an answer without discussion.

Vital, Arbitrary Decisions (8 Nov 2011): Of getting dressed, being stressed, and commandments.

The Used Car Lot (31 Oct 2011): A thought about the niceties of having commandments.

Memorization (26 Oct 2011): On memorizing and listening.

Richie and Jobs (13 Oct 2011): A reflection on two giants of computing.

We are Many (11 Oct 2011): Reflections on personal identity.

Life is not a Book (10 Oct 2011): Me: “‍I learned a great lesson that day…‍”. Them: “‍What was it?‍”

“Helping” God (26 Sep 2011): Sometimes I feel like a 3-year old.

When Fires Die (22 Sep 2011): Motivation, faith, hope, love, and how they are lost.

Heterogeneity (19 Sep 2011): Diversity and what it’s lacking.

… to its Logical Conclusion (12 Sep 2011): A truth behind Aristotle’s Golden Mean.

Gifts of Tongues (8 Sep 2011): Reflections on tongues and the problem of thinking about deity.

On Philosophy (31 Aug 2011): Philosophy as a non-scientific field.

Bang-Bang Beliefs (22 Aug 2011): Reflections on “‍Open your mouths and they shall be filled‍” (DC 33:8).

Audacity of Science (15 Aug 2011): The Functional is not necessarily the Actual.

The First Law of Heaven (11 Aug 2011): Trying to unravel Bruce R. McConkie’s statement, “‍obedience is the first law of heaven.‍”

What Should Teachers Do? (4 Aug 2011): Reflections on information, knowledge, understanding, intelligence, wit, acuity, aptitude, instruction, etc.

Offended by Perspective (2 Aug 2011): How do you handle someone who feels slighted because their perspective of a situation is off target?

Etymological Hypothesis: Atonement (25 Jul 2011): Informed guesswork on how the word “‍atonement‍” came to have the meaning it has today.

Because the Principle is Correct (20 Jul 2011): A brief thought shared in a recent church service.

Pilate and the Easy Out (13 Jul 2011): A thought from the account of Christ’s trial and death.

Delegation (4 Jul 2011): A part of leadership I wish more people understood.

Talking to Slaves (30 Jun 2011): A different way of viewing programming.

Carrots, Reigns, and Love (29 Jun 2011): There are three reasons to follow a leader; the highest must be freely given because of who we are.

Why Wash Feet? (27 Jun 2011): A thought on one of Jesus Christ’s last acts in mortality.

Tribute: Brian McGeever (21 Jun 2011): Recalling Brian McGeever and the A-to-Z Mathematics Award.

Brain or Driver? (14 Jun 2011): Speculation about why we think as we do think.

I don't much care where (13 Jun 2011): Commentary on a famous quote from Lewis Carroll.

The Simple Art of Listening (9 June 2011): In defense of a dying art form.

Logic, Tool not Truth (7 June 2011): Why I don’t “‍believe‍” logic, yet use it all the time.

Are the Righteous Sad? (31 May 2011): A scriptural thought about happiness and sadness.

What I Wish People Knew about Scripture (18 May 2011): If He could have taught what He wanted us to know more easily, He would have.