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Of Cisterns, Spigots, and Pipes (30 Oct 2012): Thoughts on kinds and scopes of standardization.

Sharing Small Data (26 Apr 2012): One common approach to reusing information, rather than algorithms.

Software Morphs (11 Apr 2012): Code reuse is hard because software doesn’t stand still.

Linkers and Loaders (4 Apr 2012): The 2.5 kinds of program linking and how they work.

Installation (28 Mar 2012): What is going on during program installation?

Copy-Paste and #include (21 Mar 2012): Reuse by repetition.

What is a program? (7 Mar 2012): The bits and pieces of a modern computer program.

Code Reuse (22 Feb 2012): “Didn’t someone already write this?”