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STREAM: Analyses and Commentary


This is a new section to gather together a variety of graphs and comments on the STREAM benchmark results, and on the topic of memory bandwidth in general.

New Papers

2002-12-04: Estimating Sustainable Bandwidth using SPEC CPU2000 Results

I have written up my methodology for estimating STREAM Triad bandwidth using published results from the 171.swim benchmark in SPEC's CPU2000 suite. These are not publishable STREAM results, but they definitely give a good rough estimate on a wide variety of systems.

2002-12-04: Estimating SPECfp_rate2000 using Peak GFLOPs and STREAM Triad (PowerPoint presentation)

This is a slightly updated version of a presentation that I made at the TOP500 meeting at SuperComputing2002 in November. The slides show a methodology for getting reasonably accurate estimates of SPECfp_rate2000 using only one measurement, plus a set of architectural parameters of the system.

Papers: (oldies but goodies -- available online again!)


John D. McCalpin