re: memory bandwidth

From: Robert Bell (
Date: Wed Oct 02 1991 - 08:58:39 CDT

      Each memory port can move two words per cycle, corresponding to the two
pipes. I don't know in the hardware whether it is that there are two pipes
in each of the four ports, or four ports in each pipe, but the effect is the
same. So for the triad, the C-90 theoretical peak is
 (2 read +1 write) * 2 pipes * 8 bytes * 16 processors / 4.0e-9 = 192 Gbytes/s.
 Similarly for the Y-MP8 (2 +1) * 8 bytes * 8 / 6.0e-9 = 32 Gbytes/s.
 Andrew Zachary's results of 26.802 Gbyte/s for the Y-MP8 are consistent
 with that - the loss is because of vector startup and bank conflicts, etc.

      I did the autotasking tests on our Y-MP2, but could not get consistent
 results because the machine was busy (measuring elapsed rather than CPU time).
      I think the next test to do is to check the results with the arrays
 aligned differently, i.e. a(i) = b(i+k) for various k - my results show a
 factor of two difference with different k's. Might I suggest making the arrays
 of length 2**20, and putting them in common so that there is a consistent
 alignment of the start of each array in the same bank.

             Rob. Bell.

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