CM2 data for stream code

From: Alex Vasilevsky (alex@Think.COM)
Date: Thu Oct 03 1991 - 11:28:07 CDT

   Date: Thu, 3 Oct 91 11:40:08 EDT
   From: (John D. McCalpin)

   Thanks a lot! This is great stuff!
   The most humorous column in the spreadsheet is the one
   that measures memory throughput in bytes/clock cycle.
   Most of the "Killer Micros" are around 1 byte/cycle, with
   the Y/MP-8 up to 160 bytes/cycle. The 64k CM2 does over
   11,500 bytes/cycle!!!!
   John D. McCalpin
   Assistant Professor
   College of Marine Studies, U. Del. DELOCN::MCCALPIN (SPAN)

You welcome. Actually, there is a CM200 machine around, that runs at 10
Mhz which should give better memory bandwith performance, but I did not
have an access to it last night to run the code on it.

I really like your program though, I wish we had it available last winter
when I was working on Gordon Bell award and was trying to measure Sun cache

        -Alex V.

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