Re: Sustainable Memory Bandwidth --- Update

From: Alan Klietz (
Date: Mon Jan 13 1992 - 15:10:05 CST

>>You have no results for the CM-200? Given that it has a 40% faster clock,
>>it ought to rank somewhere between an 4 head C90 and an 8 head C90.
>The CM-2 results posted are for an 8 MHz machine, so the CM-200 should
>only be 25% faster. (It does run at 10 MHz, doesn't it?).

The CM-2 clock is 7 Mhz. I checked the output in your TEST directory
to make sure Alex wasn't cheating with a faster clock. (Yes, it is
possible to speed up the clock to 8 mhz for margin diagnostics, but
users are never supposed to run codes at that speed.)

7 * 1.4285 = 10, speedup of 42.85%.

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