timings (correction)

From: Daan Sandee (sandee@sun16.scri.fsu.edu)
Date: Sun Feb 02 1992 - 20:51:03 CST

Oops. Minor error. Unoptimized, repeat loop *is* executed.

CM2 8K N=10000
                      reported for SAXPY wallclock for entire run
unoptimized NL=100 1.9698 60
unoptimized NL=1000 2.7748 600
optimized NL=100 1.1407 4
optimized NL=1000 1.1407 4

(Time of one SAXPY measurement is about 1/30 of entire run, in theory.)
Which makes the point even clearer - I already estimate
  timer time reported = 1.0 +(reality/100)
Or something. It's not linear but the point is that for small t the timer
reports too large values and for large t, much too small values.

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