Re: alex timings

From: Daan Sandee (
Date: Mon Feb 03 1992 - 16:22:19 CST

||>So much for history. I have now made more runs to establish clearly that
||>the timer was bad ; with the proper timer you get xfer rates of 2 bytes/clock
||>which is half the SoL. Why not more, I don't know.
||Well, perhaps it is something for some of you TMC folks to work on?

I guess mostly compiler, i.e. Alex. Which is why it is difficult to convince
him ....

||Thanks for the stuff! Some people had complained that I put 8 MHz
||results into the table, since most machines in the field are 7 MHz....

Yes, that was an unfortunate accident that that day, the only CM2's I could
get to were running 8 MHz. (Some engineer changes the clock during maintenance
then doesn't change it back. Who cares, except people running benchmarks.)

CM200 (8K 10 MHz repeat count 1000 N=40000)

                time MB/s bytes/PE/clock ops/PE/clock Mflops
Assignment 31.1989 5251.4 2.05
Scaling 31.2000 5251.3 2.05 0.1282 328.2
Summing 41.4336 5931.4 2.32 0.0965 247.1
SAXPYing 43.4731 5653.2 2.21 0.1840 471.1

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