Re: stream results

From: Larry Meadows (
Date: Mon Jan 25 1993 - 12:56:39 CST

>>This is for a 40 mhz i860-XR workstation.
>Who makes this? What is its full model name?

Stardent Vistra, manufactured by Oki Electric, equivalent to an Oki
7300 Model 20. 40 MHZ, 8KB data cache, 4KB instruction cache, 32MB of
memory, running Unix System V Release 4, using The Portland Group's
pgf77 version 2.1. Now sold by Kubota Computer.

>>I know of an i860-XP based PC
>>card that gets 400 MB/Sec. So that makes it faster than any other
>>workstation on your list, and most of the superminis. Now if it just had
>>a superscalar FP unit...
>Is that *really* 400 MB/s from compiled high-level code?
>Is it one of those expensive versions with all SRAM instead of DRAM?

400 MB/Sec from compiled code. Note, however, that the code generation
technique we use for compilation ends up calling an assembly coded routine
to pull the data into cache, so it is running flat out. Nevertheless,
the technique is generally applicable; it is equivalent to using cache as
vector registers, and the assembly routines (called streamin/streamout
routines), are equivalent to hardware vload/vstore instructions.

They use static column DRAM (like the oki station above). Don't know
the price. The specific board I mention is made by Transtech
(try Richard Stevens -- if you want further information).


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