Re: streams benchmark

From: James G. MacKinnon (jgm@doug.Econ.QueensU.CA)
Date: Sun Nov 12 1967 - 09:27:46 CST

I believe the 355 runs at the strange speed that was introduced with the
550 and also used by the 350. Some of my literature from IBM calls it 41 Mh
and some calls it 42. I think it is actually something like 41.7.

The main differences between a 355 and a 350 are the larger instruction
cache for the former (32K vs 8K) and the greater memory and slots of the
latter (the 355 only has one memory slot, for 128MB maximum, and two Micro
Channel slots, one of which is filled by a GT3i graphics adapter). The 365
and 375 are like the 355, but run at 50 and 62.5 Mh, respectively.

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