Stream results for a Celeron

From: Kristian Elof Sørensen (
Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 05:32:30 CDT


I have just got my new Linux box up and running at work for use as a
Java development machine and a CVS server, and have ran some benchmarks
on it. You don't seem to have the numbers for this particular PC variant
in the chart at

It's a PC with a
400 MHz Celeron Mendocino
        (a PII with 128 KB L2 cache running at the CPU's clockspeed
        built into the CPU housing)
on an ASUS P2B motherboard
with 128 MB 100 MHz RAM

Function Rate (MB/s) RMS time Min time Max time
Copy: 197.5237 0.0866 0.0810 0.1053
Scale: 202.2192 0.0813 0.0791 0.0913
Add: 238.8392 0.1029 0.1005 0.1139
Triad: 218.6668 0.1121 0.1098 0.1166

It sure beats the K6-2 350 MHz I have at home for running Java programs
under the Linux JVM. I have found that the performance of this
particular application maps rather lineary to the CPU memory bandwidth
as measured by Stream. Of course with some very effective jit's or some
other such tricks this observation doesn't neccesarrily hold, though it
makes perfect sence that Java applications must be limited nearly
exclusively by the memory bandwith to and from the CPU.

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