STREAM results for Apple G4/400 system ii (w/AltiVec)

From: Anton Rang (
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 15:01:04 CST


Following up to my previous's some results for an Apple
Power Mac G4/400 using the AltiVec stream instructions to prefetch data.

        MetroWerks CodeWarrior Pro 5.3, MW C/C++ PPC 4.0

Compiler flags:
        Unsigned chars, auto-inline

        PowerPC struct alignment, Strings Read-Only, Static data in TOC,
        use FMADD & FMSUB, No Traceback Tables,
        schedule for AltiVec, optimize for speed, peephole optimizer on,
        global optimization level 4
        Dead strip static initialization code
        stack size 64k, heap size 11000k

If you're interested in the source mods, let me know. I may play with them
some more yet as I learn how to use Apple's instrumentation tools. I'm
curious as to why the Add test didn't benefit nearly as much from the
streaming instructions as the others did.


-- Anton

This system uses 8 bytes per DOUBLE PRECISION word.
Array size = 400000, Offset = 0
Total memory required = 9.2 MB.
Each test is run 10 times, but only
the *best* time for each is used.
Your clock granularity/precision appears to be 10 microseconds.
Each test below will take on the order of 21671 microseconds.
   (= 2167 clock ticks)
Increase the size of the arrays if this shows that
you are not getting at least 20 clock ticks per test.
WARNING -- The above is only a rough guideline.
For best results, please be sure you know the
precision of your system timer.
Function Rate (MB/s) RMS time Min time Max time
Copy: 477.0779 0.0136 0.0134 0.0138
Scale: 465.2854 0.0139 0.0138 0.0143
Add: 445.5377 0.0217 0.0215 0.0219
Triad: 442.0500 0.0220 0.0217 0.0226

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