STREAM results: Athlon DDR platform result

From: Norbert Juffa (
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 15:32:22 CDT

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    Please find enclosed STREAM results from executables
    built with 4 different Fortran compilers and run on
    my brandnew 1200 MHz Athlon DDR platform. I am also
    enclosing a .zip file with executables for reference
    and in case you would like to distribute executables
    for WinNT.

    Useable, i.e. STREAM bandwidth on this DDR platform is
    barely half of that is reported for the dual channel
    RDRAM platforms reported on the STREAM website. The
    efficiency of DDR seems to be only about 60%, which
    is not entirely unexpected (read/write turnaround

    -- Norbert

     <<wfl11b_Ox_6_FP6_432mb.out>> <<lf95_56a_nchk_o1_tpp_432mb.out>>
    <<ifl45_G6_432mb.out>> <<cvf65a_archp6_432mb.out>>


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