STREAM results: Athlon 1200 MHz + CVF 6.6

From: Norbert Juffa (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 14:31:18 CDT

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    I previously sent STREAM results for my Athlon 1200 MHz
    and CVF 6.5a. Compaq just came out with the new version
    6.6 and it does show some improvement in ADD and TRIAD.
    Please fond results in the enclosed .zip file (system
    description and result is combine in the .txt file).

    It seems that the use of SW prefetching has been refined
    (this is an Athlon with Thunderbird core, i.e. no hardware
    prefetcher). All kernels now seem very close to what is
    achievable with PC2100 memory and cache in write-allocate

    -- Norbert


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