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From: Maurice Hilarius <maurice@harddata.com>
Date: Mon Jul 14 2003 - 03:24:31 CDT

With regards to your message at 03:59 PM 7/13/03, John D McCalpin. Where
you stated:
>I don't have any records of any submissions by you or by any
>e-mail addresses at harddata.com.
How odd!

I will dig them up and resend if you would like?

>If there is something that you want published, please re-send to
>john@mccalpin.com and I will review it.

Well, I was not actually asking that.
What I was looking for were benched run on various hardware by others, so
we might compare.

Are the results private? Or are people simply not submitting their results

Thanks again sir, I appreciate your taking the time to reply, especially on
the weekend.

I attach a copy of the results on one of the more recent tests we did using
STREAM on a dual Opteron 242 server in our lab.

With our best regards,

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