[spam] Some stream results on AMD Opteron

From: Andrey Slepuhin <andrey.slepuhin@t-platforms.ru>
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 11:59:41 CST

Hi John,
After obtaining long awaited dual Opteron 2.2GHz/PC3200 system, we
considered to do some comparison with older Opteron 1.8GHz/PC2700 boxes.
One of the comparisons we done is a stream benchmark. I'm sending you
our test results in hope the they will be useful.

Both test systems are dual Opteron boxes with 2Gb RAM, running SUSE SLES
8 with NUMA kernel installed.
1.8GHz system is based on Rioworks HDAMA motherboard and 2.2GHz system
is based on Tyan S2882 motherboard.

The results are given in attached archives. Here is a legend describing
file names in the archives.

Each file name has the following format:

where source_type is
'c' for stream_d.c (or stream_d_omp.c for OpenMP tests)
'f' for stream_d.f
'o' for stream_tuned.c

compiler type is
'gcc' for gcc-3.3.2
'pgi' for pgi-5.1
'omp' for pgi-5.1 with OpenMP enabled

number_of_threads part of the name is used only for OpenMP results.

Please feel free to ask me any questions if needed.

Best regards,
Andrey Slepuhin,
Head of Cluster Solutions Center,

A right thing should be simple (tm)

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