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-This is the portal information.+==== The portal cluster ==== 
 +The ''​%%portal%%''​ cluster is a general purpose cluster of servers which is the gateway into the CS Dept. computing environment. Logins are load balanced among the servers. Upon an '​ssh'​ to ''​%%portal.cs.virginia.edu%%'',​ your login will be placed on the least loaded of the cluster'​s servers (portal[01,​02,​ etc.]). Each system is running CentOS Linux and has plenty of memory, CPU cores, and scratch (/localtmp) space. 
 +You must use your CS userid (identical to your UVA userid) and password to '​ssh'​ to portal. For example: 
 +''​%%ssh -l abc1de portal.cs.virginia.edu%%''​. Alternatively,​ 
 +''​%%ssh abc1de@portal.cs.virginia.edu%%''​ 
 +(Note that if you are opening a terminal on your Mac or PC, your username on the Mac or PC may be different from your CS domain userid. So be sure to include your CS/UVA userid on the '​ssh'​ command line). 
 +Most popular software is already available on portal, so you do not need to install it. See: [[linux_environment_modules|Software Modules]] 
 +You can use portal to perform many interactive tasks, like editing files, compiling code, testing code, etc. If you intend to run long, compute intensive programs, you should use other [[compute_resources|Computing Resources]] which are available for general login or through the job scheduler (see [[compute_slurm|Scheduling a Job using the SLURM job scheduler]]).  
 +See [[linux_ssh_access|Linux Server Access]] for information ​about accessing CS Dept servers. 
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