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-The Computer Science Dept. has laptops that can be loaned to **Computer Science Department undergraduate students** for various reasons, typically because the student'​s personal laptop is being repaired. 
-Laptops are lent weekdays from 9am to 5pm.  
-To get a loaner laptop, do the following: 
-  -   - send an email to ''​cshelpdesk@virginia.edu''​ whose subject line is "​Laptop loaner request for (your user id)" 
-  -   - in the body of the email: state (1) how many days you need the laptop and (2) if you will need a laptop bag 3) the Computer Science faculty member who is your advisor. The advisor doesn'​t have to approve the lending of the laptop, but if they object, the laptop will be taken back. 
-You will sign the **Agreement for Borrowing a Laptop** when you receive the laptop. 
-Once the CS staff gets approval from the faculty member to lend the laptop to you, an email will be sent to you when the laptop is ready for pickup. The laptop can be picked up from Rice Hall, Room 007, between the hours of 9:30 am to 5pm Monday and Wednesday. 
-If you need to extend the lending period, reply to the original email to request the extension. Two extensions are typically granted automatically. 
-Please stay on your original email thread [The one with your Ticket number] for all communications concerning the laptop. 
-Failure to return the laptop may result in the withholding of final grades or other disciplinary measure. 
-//There are alternatives to a loaner laptop if you have a special assignment//​. For example, if you have a Mac or Linux laptop and you have an assignment that requires software that only runs on Windows, you can login to the general purpose Windows server, ''​winsrv01.cs.virginia.edu'',​ using your CS domain password (passwords are the same for both linux and windows in the CS Dept). There is more information on this server in the Windows section of this Wiki. 
-Conversely, the ''​portal.cs.virginia.edu''​ cluster of linux servers is available for linux computing needs. It uses the same CS userid/​password as other servers. You can ''​ssh <​userid>​@portal.cs.virginia.edu''​ from a terminal window to access this cluster. There is more information on this cluster in the Linux section of this Wiki. 
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