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 +====== Bigtemp ======
 +Bigtemp is a large storage volume available from our Linux systems. ​ From a Linux server, bigtemp is accessible in the root directory ''​%%/​bigtemp%%''​. ​ To store files in this volume, create a folder in ''​%%/​bigtemp%%''​ with the same name as your computing ID.
 +ktm5j@host ~ $ cd /bigtemp
 +ktm5j@host /bigtemp $ mkdir ktm5j && cd ktm5j
 +ktm5j@host /​bigtemp/​ktm5j $ 
 +You will have ownership of the new directory that you have created. ​ Use ''​%%chmod%%''​ to adjust the permissions on this new directory if desired.
 +Bigtemp is meant to be seen as **volatile scratch space** and **not** long term storage. ​ When storage gets low on this volume we will scan through and delete files with the oldest m-time.
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