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 +====== Localtmp ======
 +Most of our Linux servers/​desktops will have a partition mounted to ''​%%localtmp%%''​. ​ When we install Linux, most of the hard drive on a server or desktop will go to this partition. ​ It is meant to be local scratch disk space, available for all users, that will persist across Operating System upgrades/​re-installation. ​ If we need to "​reimage"​ a server, this partition will //not// be erased and anything stored on this partition will be in the same place after reimaging.
 +**This data is not backed up**.  Anything that you delete from this partition can not be recovered. ​ Also bear in mind that every storage device will eventually fail, in the event of a hard drive failure we will **not** be able to recover data from this partition.
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