Course Policies

Course Requirements and Grading

The grade will be calculated as follows:

Difference Among 4501-001 and 6501-007

For homework-5, students in

Additional Non-Linear Constraint

In order to pass the course, the average of your midterm and final must also be "pass".

Assignment due dates, Lateness and Extensions

All communication regarding late assignment submission should be done directly with the TAs, not with the instructor.

Unless otherwise specified, assignments should be submitted through collab and are due at the beginning of class on the due date. Please do not miss class in order to finish an assignment.

Each student has three extension days to be used at his or her own discretion throughout the entire course. Your grades would be discounted by 15% per day when you use these 3 late days. You could use the 3 days in whatever combination you like. For example, all 3 days on 1 assignment (for a maximum grade of 55%) or 1 each day over 3 assignments (for a maximum grade of 85% on each). After you've used all 3 days, you cannot get credit for anything turned in late.