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I am a Computer Science graduate student at University of Virginia. My interests and skill set include Computational Epidemiology, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. I have 2+ years of Research Experience, 6+ years of Programming Experience which include several projects and publications. I love technology and the phenomenal transformation it could bring into our lives which led to my exploration of using Data and Models for the Public Good. Currently looking for opportunities in the US for the roles of Data Scientist / Software Engineer.

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Aug 2019 - May 2021

master of Science (M.S), Computer Science

university of virginia

Charlottesville, USA
GPA : 3.97/4

Coursework : Cryptography, Data Mining, Deep learning for Visual Recognition, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Ind.Study - Security & Privacy in Bitcoin, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Mobile & IOT Security, Human Computer Interaction

Thesis : “Using data, models and dashboards for real-time response to the COVID-19 crisis”

Aug 2014 - Apr 2018

bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Computer Science & Engineering

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University


GPA : 8.18/10
Relevant Courses : Cloud Computing, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Database Management Systems, Computer Graphics, OOP through C++, Java Programming, Principles of Programming Languages, Theory of Computation, Compiler Design, Information Security, Mobile Computing, Software Engineering


Computational Epidemiology
Computer Vision & NLP
Research Writing
Data Scraping & Automation
Information Retrieval
Web Development
ML & Deep Learning
Statistical Modeling
UX Research
Blockchain & Cryptography
Big Data & DBMS
Security Analysis

Programming Languages: Python (preferred), Java, R, C, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, C# .NET

Tools: pandas, jupyter, git, LaTeX, Rstudio, sklearn, pytorch, tensorflow, numpy, opencv, nltk, ggplot2, GIS, Linux, AWS etc.


  • Aug 2019 - Present

    graduate research assistant

    biocomplexity institute, university of virginia

    charlottesville, USA

    • [Pub] From 5Vs to 6Cs: Operationalizing Epidemic Data Management with COVID-19 Surveillance (First Author) – Published at IEEE Big Data 2020, a top-tier research conference in Big Data & Data Mining : Click Here

    • Forecasting the spread of COVID-19 with BMA ensemble of Kalman filter & AR models – Featured at CDC : Click Here

    • COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard – One of Top COVID-19 Dashboards worldwide with over 4 million pageviews and 1.2 million unique users : Click Here

    • [Pub] Evaluating the impact of international airline suspensions on the early global spread of COVID-19 : Click Here

    • Data Collection, Analysis & Modeling for Multimodal Spatio-Temporal Influenza Surveillance

  • May 2017 - July 2017

    Research Intern

    IIT Madras


    • Understanding and Working with MOOL Kernel - at Distributed and Object Systems Lab

    May 2017 - July 2017

    Research Intern


[Pub] Personalized Review Ranking for Improving Shopper's Decision Making: A Term Frequency Approach. Click Here

• Evolution 2.0 - Generating, Fine-tuning and Evaluating Artificial Human Faces from StyleGANs. Click Here

• Web Scraping hundreds of websites with Python using Requests, BeautifulSoup & Chrome Network Analysis

• Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning with Differential Privacy & Trusted Execution Environments. Click Here

• Hashiwokakero – An interactive puzzle solver app on Telegram using Algorithm X. Click Here

• Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Tracker with Telegram bot & Excel VBA using API endpoints and WebSockets

• TokenSIP – A tool for Systematic Investment in Cryptocurrencies & Strategy based Automated Trading

• Reel the Real - Navigable Synchronous Virtual Gatherings on the Web. Click Here

• Vehicle Loan Default Prediction using ML, EDA & other Data Mining techniques on an Imbalanced Dataset. Click Here

• Reproduced the paper "Norm matters: efficient and accurate normalization schemes in deep networks". Click Here

• Web Development as a Freelancer using PHP - MySQL based CMS: WordPress, Shopify & Magento

• Designed & Developed Websites for Annual Tech Symposium, and ICCIDE Conference


• Received "Department of Computer Science Academic Excellence Fellowship" at University of Virginia

• Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certifications in Software Fundamentals & Database Fundamentals

• Elite Certificate in Database Systems, a semester long course by IIT Madras

• Runner-up in Windows App Development Hackathon conducted in 2016


• Served as a TA for the class “ENGR 2595 - Pandemics Beyond the Headlines: COVID-19” at UVA with 600 students

• Workshops Attended: Ethical Hacking, MEAN Stack, Android App Development, Windows App Development, Unity Game Development

Hobbies: Freelancing, Engaging with Crypto Community, Bug Hunting, Blogging & SEO, Digital & Affiliate Marketing,

Organizing Campus Events, Investigative Journalism, Politics, Playing Chess & Cricket, Traveling