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I once heard that a dog name should be two syllables, and end in a vowel that does not rhyme with 'no', as they can hear that type of name better. I have no idea whether this is true or not (and don't really care). But I realized that many dog names, including those of my two dogs, follow this pattern. So I created this page to generate such names.

This page will allow you to generate a random name for your dog (or any other being, for that matter). For purposes of this generator, a name is split up into consonants and vowels. You need to select a pattern, which tells the generator where to place the consonants and vowels. For example, the pattern 'cv' will generate a name that has one consonant and one vowel. The full list of patterns is available below. The default pattern is 'cvcv' (a consonant, a vowel, a consonant, and a vowel).

Name generation

Enter a pattern (see below), and click on 'generate'. An pronunciation guide is shown below

Generated name:



The possible pattern parts are:

  • v: one of the 5 vowels
  • c: one of the 19 consonant letters (q and y and the vowels are not included)
  • o: one of the 19 consonant letters, but a blank is allowed
  • V: one of the 19 ways to pronounce each of the vowels (a can be as in pat, pay, air, or father) - see below for full list and pronounciation key.
  • C: one of the 57 different consontant sounds made by one or more consontant letters. Single letter consonants are included in this pattern, as is 'qu'. Total list: b, bl, br, c, ch, chr, cl, cr, d, dl, dr, f, fl, fr, g, gh, gl, gr, h, hr, j, jr, k, kh, kl, kr, l, ld, lr, m, mr, n, ng, nr, p, ph, pl, pr, qu, r, rl, rn, s, sh, sl, str, t, th, tr, v, vl, w, wr, x, y, z, zr.
  • e: one of the consonant 'endings' for a vowel sound - one of 'r', 'n', or 'l'

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