Jim Cohoon

Jim Cohoon

Department of Computer Science
University of Virginia
422 Rice Hall
151 Engineer's Way
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4740

Phone: +1 434.982.2210
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"Sometimes my brother rather than snoring plays his music loud all night long."


Showing that two-terminal routing is polynomial.


Sixth grade homeroom.


CS 1112 and the one I am doing right now


Dance of the twelve girls


New Jersey

Promotional photo

Leaving Las Vegas



Brushes with greatness

Standing next to Gorbachev on the Lawn.
Meeting Jesse Jackson.
Alleged being on Sixty Minutes (relatives claim to have seen me).

Smartest thing

Marrying J McGrath Cohoon


Early blooming azaleas

Bike ride

Seventy-five mile ride on the Western and Old Dominion rail to trail

City in the universe

New York City

Top ten places other than NYC

Athens for the Parthenon
South Dakota Badlands for its camping
Charlottesville for UVA
Paris for the Champs-Elysees
Minneapolis for its friendliness
Munich for its people
Rome for Saint Peter's Basilica
Salisbury for Stonehenge
Venice for its supernaturalness
Washington DC for democracy

 Baseball player

Willie Mays


Department's first annual best teaching award

PhD in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota
M.S. in Computer Science from Pennsylvania State University
BS in Mathematics from Ramapo College of NJ
Research interests
Algorithms, Computer Science Education, Diversity and Education, swarms, physical design
Defining publications

Analysis of a CS1 approach for attracting diverse and inexperienced students to computing majors, J. P. Cohoon and L. Tychonievich, SIGCSE Technical Symposium, pp. 165 - 170, Dallas, TX, 2011. Shows a Longitudinal analysis of an effective CS1 curriculum that broadly encourages all types of students to computer science.

An introductory course format for promoting diversity and retention, J. P. Cohoon, SIGCSE Technical Symposium, pp. 395 - 399, Covington, Kentucky, 2007. Shows a promising approach for attracting a diverse computer science undergraduate community.

Java Program Design: Third edition,  J.P. Cohoon and J. W. Davidson, McGraw-Hill, 2006. Seeks to attract a diverse audience to computing through motivating examples.

C++ Program Design: Third Edition, J.P. Cohoon and J. W. Davidson, McGraw-Hill, 2002. Brings easy visualization to introductory object-oriented programming.

A fast method for generalized Starting temperature determination in homogeneous two-stage simulated annealing systems, J. M. Varanelli and J. P. Cohoon, Computers and Operations Research, pp. 481-503, 1999. Allows the power of conventional simulated annealing in a fraction of the time.

Distributed genetic algorithms for the floorplan design problem, J. P. Cohoon, S. U. Hegde, W. N. Martin, and D. S. Richards, IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, April 1991, pp. 483-492. Couples punctuated equilibria and parallel computing to produce fast, near optimal solutions for a major VLSI problem.

An optimal Steiner tree algorithm for a net whose terminals lie on the perimeter of a rectangle, J. P. Cohoon, J. S. Salowe, and D. S. Richards, IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, April 1990, pp. 398-407. Put three algorithmicians  in a room and you get optimality.

Beaver: a computational-geometry-based tool for switchbox routing, J. P. Cohoon and P. L. Heck, IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems,  June 1988, pp. 684-697. Shows the advantages of a greedy expert system approach to the "toughest" of routing problems.

Genetic placement, J. P. Cohoon and W. D. Paris, IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 1987, pp. 956-964. Introduces the power of genetic algorithms to VLSI physical design.

A fast Line Intersection routing method for optimal wirings, J. P. Cohoon, Allerton Conference on Communication Control, 1984, pp. 488-497. Demonstrates how to route VLSI computer chips in polynomial time.

Professional service contributions
ACM Publications board; ACM Council, ACM-SIGBoard, ACM-SIGDA Chair, Asia-Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems executive and programming committees, Co-organizer of the first ACM-sponsored workshop in Russia, Design Automation Conference executive, programming, and sponsor committees,  Date executive and programming committees, EuroDac executive committees,  ICCAD programming Committees, NSF reviewer
IEEE Computer Society Taylor Booth Education Award, Fulbright Fellowship,  SIGDA Outstanding Service Award, SIGDA Leadership Award, Design Automation Fellowship Awards, CS Best Teaching Award, UVa CS Best Teaching Award, Upsilon Pi Epsilon, and first grade arithmetic and spelling medals from Saint Catherine's School

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Jim Cohoon at Stonehenge


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