CS 3330: Assignments and Quizzes

This page is for a prior offering of CS 3330. It is not up-to-date.

1 Quizzes

Quizzes may be accessed via the quiz page. Expect a quiz to be due every Tuesday at 10:30am and every Saturday at 11:59pm. Quizzes will be posted at least 36 hours before they are due.

2 Labs and Homeworks

Labs and homeworks writeups are listed both on the schedule and the documents page. Some of them also have other sites they use:


The competition page is at http://archimedes.cs.virginia.edu:15213/scoreboard.

First Codelab

The coding environment

Code Homework

The coding environment


Linked from the lab writeup and homework writeup.

For other assignments, submissions will be accepted through archimedes.

3 Grades

Your current grades may be accessed via the gradebook.

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