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BW Printers

Black and White Printing

There is a symbolic queue named "bw" which prints to the two HP Laserjet 5 Si Mx printers. There are many features available on these printers, but to access them, you must use the lp command.

The Basics

lp -dbw specifies to use the bw device. That will do the same thing as lpr -Pbw. For basic printing, lpr and lp are the same. If you want to use any fancy features of the printers (double sided printing, specifying the print tray, etc) you must use the lp command. If you need to pick a particular printer (e.g. you have put transparencies in the manual feed of one of the printers) you can specify which one you want instead of bw. The printers are named cs-bw1 and cs-bw2 and they are labeled. e.g. use lp -dcs-bw1 to print to cs-bw1. subheader 2 text