How to Scan documents from the Copier to your E-Mail

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Scanner: E-mail Documents to your E-mail Account

You can create a e-mail for yourself, so press “scanner key” and log in as yourself.

1. On scanner screen, select “email”

2. Select “manual entry” (under the email icon)

3. Enter the enter in e-mail address on the typewriter screen: Example: Click ok.

Save your configuration with a name/label

1. Press button that says Prg-Dest. (Program Destination) push the “names” button at the upper left of the screen.

2. Push “change” under the space labeled “name”, and enter a name for your email. You can name it your username, for example, rstillings-uva; give it something descriptive, you may someday setup more than one e-mail. Press OK to get back to the main scanner screen.