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There are 7 public linux compute servers and 3 interactive machines running Solaris.

They are:

  • Solaris Interactives (If you want a X session) - NOT for compute jobs.
    • adder
    • cobra
    • mamba
    • There is a 4th, viper, but it is for faculty and staff use only.

  • The linux compute servers running Fedora Core 2 - for compute jobs or checking your email are:
    • power1 through power7
On thing to note about about the power machines is power1 through power 3 are running 64bit linux on dual opterons. Power 4 through power 7 are running 32 bit linux on dual pentium IIIs.

  • The Solaris compute servers are:
    • Archive
    • Whirlwind
    • Colossus
    • Stretch
    • Edvac