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Linux printing is handled department-wide by our CUPS server and includes support for all of the public printers as well as most of the individual desktop printers. As it is configured automatically it mostly 'just works'. There are no steps to take to add the individual printers, they are all available by default.

Printing through the GUI

The default printer configuration system in KDE is an administrator tool so is only useful for browsing printers, not making changes (it requires root-level access to work). To make changes, such as setting a local default printer, run the command 'system-config-printer'.

Various applications support printing natively under their own print dialogs. Some programs, such as Okular, are buggy and fail to print correctly. You may need to try different applications in order to get things working correctly.

Printing via the Linux command line

The 'lpr' command works across all CS department systems. A simple command to print a file 'filename.txt' to the printer 'CS-BW1' would be:

lpr -P CS-BW1 filename.txt

Note that this does use the defaults as defined on the print server. You can specify different options with command-line switches if need be, the man page provides some more information and there are a number of good online references as well.