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OS X Printing to Windows SMB Print Server Queue's

1)This step only applies if you are reconfiguring post upgrade to new Print Server 01/2010

Remove all "CS-Printer Reference" and any for "kore" from your Keychain Access program under Utilities

See below... You may need to log off and back on to clear the KeyChain cache, I might go as far as it would be best to reboot

MAC Print 1.JPG

2)Go to Systems Preferences >> Print and Fax >> Click Plus "+" to add new Printer >> Make Sure "Windows"is highlighted in the Menu Bar.

3)Select "csdom" >> scroll down list of servers select "kore">> it will take up to 30-45 seconds for list of print queue's to display.>> Select the Printer you wish to setup. You may be asked to authenticate against the CSDOM Active Directory. DO NOT Save this Entry for "Kore" to your Keychain.. The image is wrong!!!!

MAC Print 6.jpg

4)Once you have selected a print queue (printer) you have to select which model and driver (Windows does not auto install the OS X drivers) to use. Here is a list of the Common Public Print Queues (printers) models:

CS-BW HP LaserJet 9050dn

CS-BW1 HP LaserJet 9050dn

CS-BW2 HP LaserJet 9050dn

CS-COLOR HP Color 4650dn

CS-COLOR1 HP Color 4650dn

CS-COLOR2 HP Color 4650dn

OLSSON-113 HP LaserJet 4240dn

OLSSON-228 HP LaserJet 2430dn

OLSSON-238 HP LaserJet 2430dn

SMALL-102 HP LaserJet 4240dn

Below is an image where I went through all these steps to setup CS-BW1

MAC Print 4.jpg

5) The first time you go to print to a newly setup print queue, you will need to authenticate against the CSDOM Active Directory with your username and password. Example would be CSDOM\fls4t password:***** . I would recommend you save this Printer KeyChain entry to your KeyChain and why the 1st step was to remove the old KeyChain entries. (see below)

MAC Print 5.jpg